Live Marketing:
Event Strategy and Creation

Every new project is an exciting challenge, unique and exceptional: strategic consideration phase of positioning, identification & content, preparation and implementation.

New ideas and relevance of the concepts: valorization, innovation, optimization

Creative conception of the event for every task and every client

Enrichment of the program through the variety of new content

Ensuring continuity from the previous / to the next event

Elaboration of clear and creative suggestions, productivity

Research, feasibility studies

Sourcing the locations and renting/building mobile event locations

Budget planning with integration of economic components: challenges, interests, resources

Activation of technical and logistical production methods

Coordination, precision, know-how, reactivity

Control of costs and contracts

Implementation on site

Planning and controlling how your target audience perceives your company or product, maximum efficiency, long-lasting effect

For all event formats: BtoB, BtoC, BtoE

We conceive and design events that combine the achievement of your goals with a positive, emotional and memorable once in a lifetime experience of the participants. We make your event our task.